The design portfolio of freelance senior designer Paul David Price

Maclaren - Website

Maclaren - Design Direction, UX & Website

Maclaren - Website


Brief: Reimagine Maclaren's online store from the ground up, combining editorial content and products. Outsourced developers will update the UX and apply designs to the current Netsuite platform.

Worked on all aspects of the 70 page redesign directly with clients including site audit, user research, sitemap, wireframes, design direction and website design.

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↓ Functional Pages - Aside from product and editorial pages we also enhanced the UX and redesigned pages that are key to the business such as Find a Retail Store, Checkout Process and Registry.


↓ Responsive - Mobile designs were created alongside Desktop to give the developers a guide for smaller screen sizes.


↓ Style Guide - As the developers were outsourced by the client we created an easy to use style guide so they could pick up the designs and work without direct communication with us.