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Honda Europe - Website & Art Direction

Honda Europe - Website & Art Direction

Honda Europe - Website & Art Direction


Brief: Define what Honda looks like online. Then create responsive templates for Honda's European market and six product ranges.

I worked with the art director to re-imagine Honda online using the phrase 'warm engineering'. We drew upon their advertising heritage and need to sell the brand as much as the cars. Check out Honda Sweden Cars and Honda Poland Motorbikes.

Honda Identity Exploration
Honda Bikes Exploration

Product Overview - Designed to give maximum visual impact but push product benefits upfront. We highlight the top stats before moving into the editorial detail, always supporting our words with dynamic images and illustrations.

Honda Civic Design
Honda Cars Tablet and Mobile

↓ Find a Dealer - How do you make a functional page engaging and memorable? We used illustration and animation (seen here) to bring life to a boring form and lower drop off on this key page.

Honda Find Dealer Tablet and Mobile

↓ Other products - Honda don't just make cars, they also make motorbikes, marine engines, gardening equipment and more. Our templates had to be robust enough for all product ranges.

Honda Bikes Overview