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My friend Aldo runs a great company called Neuba. They make beautiful small-run menswear using textiles sourced directly from suppliers in India.

"Our ambition is to create long-lasting sustainable relationships with traditional craftsmen, and to be proud and transparent about the people we work with at home and abroad. We aim to spark people's interest in the beauty and skill of hand weaving; each collection reflects our recent experimentation and research, NEUBAº is primarily motivated by the physical texture* of textiles. We incorporate colour as an additional embellishment but the essence of our approach is the use of a wide range of patterns and rhythms."

Their current website is pretty but only showcases their collections and some brand history. Soon they'll need to open an online shop and expand the functionality of what they currently have. With that in mind below is a bit of work in progress and a few bits that I've been documenting on this Pinterest board.

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