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House of Cards


House of Cards came back to Netflix with Season 2 on Valentines day. I've been crushing on the title cards for a while but only researched it today. Unsurprisingly they were created by the ever-amazing Neil Kellerhouse, the designer behind titles for 'I'm Still Here', 'Finding Nemo' and much more.

The titles are set in Virus Font's 'Bourgeois' Condensed Bold and Condensed Book Italic. There's something beautiful about the turn of the century style, just heavy enough to seem slightly clunky and out of place. I also really enjoyed how this description from Virus Fonts is the complete antithesis of Frank Underwood:

The Bourgeois family would like to help the world's big problems, trouble is they only know how to discuss small ones. The Bourgeois family want 'freedom' but they don't realise what that means, they just use it as a rhetorical statement.

I would bet that Kellerhouse also had a pretty firm hand in the art direction of the photographic and print material for the show, it bears his trademark gloom and hyper-realism. Also, the upside down American Flag is beautiful little touch.