The design portfolio of freelance senior designer Paul David Price

AstraZeneca - Website Concept

AstraZeneca - Website Concept


Brief: Redesign to change scientist, public and investor perception.

AstraZeneca needed to become less pharma and more life saver. We embraced the idea of 'scientific leadership' and our small team of 3 (art director, designer, developer) refreshed their website, proving the new language was robust across a range of page types.

AstraZeneca Home


↓ Editorial - Our decision to create editorial templates and an easy to use reading platform was based on the clients need to be more transparent. They needed to publish scientific papers and their own press releases in a cleaner and clearer way, much like newspapers.

AstraZeneca Labtalk Tablet and Mobile


↓ Investors - AstraZeneca need investors to grow. In order to attract more we clearly laid out the financial incentives upfront and followed with related press released and editorials. Finally we gave the user several ways in which to get in contact.

AstraZeneca Investing